Join Us! How To Feature Your Survivor Blog

We’re a network outreach site for survivors of rape, domestic violence, assault, and abuse.  If you’ve started a blog for your own healing, or to reach survivors, we want to feature it!

As you’re probably aware, most survivors feel completely alone.  We are building a resource of real people, with real stories, to help women who feel like nobody understands them.

However you’ve found healing, it can help someone else. Whether it’s poetry, comedy, photography, raw honesty, rambling, or whatever other category your blog may fit into, it will resonate with someone, somewhere.

If you would like to have your site featured as a survivor blog, please write a post about your experiences, and make sure to include a pingback.  Include how your writing (or videos, or photography, or whatever) has helped in your recovery.  Let us know what style you would consider your blog to be, and we will include it in our description.

We will create a section of our site dedicated to you, and feature your writing in our site’s posts (with your permission).  We encourage reader interaction with comments, and hope you are able to interact with your readers.

Thank you for sharing your story, and helping to empower others.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Freelancer- A Gypsy Wordsmith and commented:

    Check out my new site, and true passion. It’s an outreach network by survivors, for survivors.

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  2. New Piece. Maybe email would work better. If you email me at, I can send links that way. 🙂

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    1. Ok. I will. Thank you!


    2. I have your email saved in mine now. Had a spam issue. I also tagged you in a new post, if you want to do it!

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      1. Can you email me so I have your address and can send you some new links? Awesome work putting this page together!! We will reach so many more people working together. 🙂

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      2. Thanks! I just hope it can really reach people. I set up a new email for this page so things dont get lost in my personal email.

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  3. thanks for your follow, I’m very happy you create a platform for survivors to share and communicate their experiences. My blog doesn’t focus on the abuse I’ve suffered as I felt I would pigeonhole myself in that way and provide a rigid identity. We are so much more than our past and the pain and suffering inflicted upon us. However, my recent poem deals this subject. I’m including the link.
    wishing you a happy Easter!

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    1. Thank you so much! Sorry it took , e a while to repost. My daughters were sick. I would like to reblog some posts in the future even if they don’t have to do with abuse. I think it’s imortant to read about how survivors have lives beyond their abuse. Especially for those deep in depression

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      1. I agree. thank you for the reblog. I hope your daughters are better.
        have a lovely Easter weekend,

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  4. Hey lady. Did you get my email?

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    1. I’ll have to check. I’ve had a sick toddler and cranky newborn the last few days, so I haven’t checked it


  5. Hey there! I’m putting a Survivor Wall on my page. I’d love to share your story and anyone else who is interested.

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    1. Sounds awesome! I’ll definitely spread the word!

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  6. A.Dreamer says:

    Hello, I am so happy that I found this blog. It looks absolutely amazing and I was thinking to be part of it but I am a bit scared of judgement (not by you but the rest of the world).

    I write on my blog about life in general but I also include books, music and movies reviews. Books help me escape my thoughts a lot which is why I like to read a lot. The things about life are related to my own experience, which is basically struggles that I have to understand my own feelings and thoughts. I seem to have a hard time understanding the world and the world doesn’t seem to understand me so I started to blog just to be able to keep track of what I am going through. After I post on my blog I feel relieved somehow. I was not really diagnosed with depression, anxiety yes, but I surely feel that I do have something, I just don’t know what and don’t know how to fix it so I blog. To be honest, my blog saved me from complete isolation as even though I know that other people can read it, I feel that it is the only spot where I can be true to myself (I tried keeping a journal and it didn’t help at all).

    I wrote today a post about my past which I am not sure if it is what you need (let me know if anything). Here it is:

    Thank you for existing! 🙂

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