Finally Fixing Me

This is my story, my life, my journey. It’s what keeps me up at night and keeps me asleep each morning. Molested, gang raped, pain, love, death…I have to get it out so I can put it toge…

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  1. Good morning. 🙂 Do you want me to continue posting here, and, if so, how would I do what you just did here? Thank you for your continual guidance. It’s obviously needed. Lol


    1. I would love it. I have to reblog anything you want posted, so if you just comment on the about page or join us page, and let me know you’ve written something, I’ll know to reblog it. Or use a ping back and I’ll get a notification. I also stalk all the blogs featured here so I’ll be looking for stuff all the time. Creepy, I know lol.

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      1. I love it!! I’ll try to send you links or ping backs to keep ya posted.

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      2. Thank you! I appreciate it

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  2. Should we be signing these?


    1. It links back to your site, and its under your name in the categories. If you would like your name in the title or somewhere else, then if you put it in your original post, it will show up on here. Whatever you want to do.

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      1. No prob just wondering

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