Aftermath of rape – Abortion at 13

Secret JLG

If you have read my last post ‘Raped at 13’ you will realise how I got pregnant.

At 13 the last thing I thought about after getting raped was about getting pregnant, my head was messed up enough, then the morning sickness started it hit me like a ton of bricks. My mum was asking me all the time have you had a period? She knew when I was lying as she can read me like a book at times and she made me take a pregnancy test. It was the worse most terrifying experience. It came back positive, I always dreamed of getting pregnant in the future and having a husband  and my own home like a fairy tale but life doesn’t work like that. All of a sudden I felt so many different emotions, my parents looked ashamed at me, my dad hardly spoke to me I felt so isolated. They…

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