How I survived incest, abuse, and my altogether insane childhood

Channa5 is a blog following the story of a woman after a childhood of abuse. Read her story below, and follow her blog to follow her journey.


My title is ironic because I don’t feel I survived. I feel dead inside. I just keep going every day with the hope someday I will change.

A writer friend of mine suggested I write about it, but the problem is my PTSD and nightmares kick in. I thought why not an overview and the after effects. Maybe, I can get through this.

I never got a chance to develop a childhood personality, a loving, happy child personality. I developed an attention seeking,  finding love wherever possible personality. I was the fourth of five children. There were three boys and two girls. I was smart, but very different than the rest of the children. I had a dark secret hidden. Mom’s famous words, “Channa people don’t need to know family secrets.” She was insane but only part of the problem. My real nightmares happened during the nighttime and daytime. In…

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  1. Oh, I understand this feeling. I don’t feel like I’ve survived yet. At least we aren’t alone.

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    1. Every time I read a post I hate that someone knows how this feels. But at the same time it helps knowing I’m not the only one

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      1. Me too. I get it. Believe me. ❤

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