Thank You Bloggers! Our Reach So Far

I would just like to give a quick update to our contributing bloggers, and anyone else visiting our site.

Since launching only 65 hours ago, we have published 11 stories written by survivors.  Those 11 stories have brought in:




52 visitors

And… 218 views!

Not to mention some retweets on our Twitter account (@SurvivorsCenter).

We’ve brought in quite a few visitors from outside searches (Google).

I would just like to remind everyone contributing here, that WordPress followers is awesome, but it is not a measure of our success.

We all know the strength it takes to write our stories.  We also understand the desire for anonymity. Every woman, or man, who finds our site, and reads your stories, is a success on your part.

You all are amazing!  Keep writing.  Keep sharing.  Keep healing.

And to you, invisible reader, keep reading.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hello friend
    Welcome to WordPress, more resources help more people. I’m a founder of Survivors Blog Here, we passed the two year mark. Thank you for following me, I wish you great success with the new blog.
    Xx M

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Im sure we can help each other


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