I Need Your Submissions

Hello, my small amount of readers.

I have finally, almost, pretty much decided on a topic for a book.  And I need your help to write it.

If you have read my story, you know I went from a place of being a self-righteous Christian, to the place of understanding true Christianity.

I know the idea of a domineering male figure, and “forgive your brother 77 times” and “love your enemies” have all been taken out of context to confuse those in an abuse situation.

I want to write a book exposing what it really feels like to be abuse.  Or raped.  Or in a depression.  Or addicted to alcohol or drugs.  Or to become homosexual.  Or lose a loved one.  Or have PTSD.  So many of those go together, and feed off each other.

I believe that love is a huge concept.  But to truly love those in one of the above situations, we must first truly understand how they feel.  That’s where I need you.

I also want to write what would be the most helpful to those in these situations.  People used to try to cheer me up and help get my mind off of depression.  Or quote a bunch of encouraging verses.  Those really didn’t help at all.  I felt like they were basically saying,

“God isn’t OK with you being this way.  You need to snap out of it.  And it’s not that hard.  Come on and get normal already.”

What I really needed was, “Hey, I think where you are is just as important as who you want to be.  What do you need me to listen to?”

I want to write a book that’s a collection of these thoughts.  Separated by situations (alcohol, grief, depression, etc.).

Would you all help me?  Either send me a message on Facebook, contact me here:


or just comment below!  The book is still in the formation stage, so the format may change some.  I would love input!  Thanks!


13 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m happy to help, but I’m not sure what you’d want me to contribute. Perhaps the combination of complex PTSD, depression, anxiety, and migraines (worsened by muscle memory) and what my life looks like as a result of it? Or is that too much?

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    1. No that would be perfect. I want to just make a vivid description of what it feels like to go through something and deal with the aftermath. Then, what true help and love looks like to someone in that situation.

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      1. Oh, I see. Okay I’ll think on it. How long are you thinking?

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      2. Whatever you want to give me. I’m not sure if I want to do direct quotes or a gist and combine thoughts. Depends on how many people I can get to help me.

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      3. Any due date in mind?


      4. Lol I have two kids, I’m moving again, and I second guess every word I write. I’ll be happy if it only takes me two years.

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  2. tvmasterc says:

    You are free to use any part of my blog, or the comments I made about nearly getting raped, if it helps!

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    1. I would love to! I would also like to pick your brain sometime if that’s OK

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    2. Oh my goodness. I’ve been looking everywhere for this comment. On all my sites I follow. I knew someone had sent me an email, but it was the same day I moved, and I couldn’t remember who it was! Finally found it and it’s been on my own page the whole time… I’m emailing you now… lol


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