The Community- Support For Rape And Abuse Victims

I am listing below the blogs and websites of contributors, or people who just want to be part of the community at Center For Survivors.  If you want your site added to the list, please just comment, and I’ll get on it as soon as I can!


  1. Heartstring Eulogies  I cannot say enough about this woman.  Love her, respect her, admire her!  She is absolutely, 110% there for you.  Very interactive with her followers, and always willing to give me advice when I ask.  She knows what you’re going through, and she is there to help.  She also has a book series, and wonderfully expressive poetry.  I encourage you to check out each and every one!
  2. Forget Me Not Amy runs an advocacy group for survivors.  She has a survivor wall where you can share your story (and there is no such thing as too much sharing).  She has been an email therapist for me at times, and is genuinely dedicated to helping people who have endured abuse.  She has a wonderful, developing group full of resources and connections.  She is an large part of why I am still here building a community, and following through on this site.
  3. The Freelancer This is me, the author.  I’m putting my personal blog on here just so you can see there’s more to me than an abuse victim.  I made a commitment when I started this site to be there for other people who went through what I went through.  I am always available to talk, whether through email or the facebook page.
  4. A Broken Blue Sky is an unfortunately thorough account of abuse on multiple tiers.  Not only people in her past, but also those who were supposed to help.  She has built a true resource for those who may have experienced abuse during the healing stages, and is a truly wonderful person to talk to!
  5. Ra And Her Stories is a unique blog.  She addressed childhood abuse, and the emotions involved.  However, she also blogs about many other things!  Books, her children, and her life in general.  I include it here because I think seeing a woman go through healing while also living is important.  We are so much more than our memories of abuse!
  6. Out of the bog and the mire is another unique site.  This is written by a man struggling with an addiction to porn.  I include it here, because he shows the depth of the struggles of someone committed to breaking the chains of enslavement to a sex addiction.  His love for Christ is his strength, and he has expressed his pain honestly through poetry.
  7. Sleeping Tiger is the site of a woman awakening to the depth of her abusive childhood.  A woman breaking through the fog, and processing her life as an adult.  For those struggling with childhood abuse, she has an honest, thoughtful approach to her wounds and healing.
  8. Three Small Words This site is following the life of a woman currently enduring a trial for her rape.  She has bravely decided to share her story in the hopes that she can reach out to others who may be considering pressing charges, or who are also going through the exhausting and emotionally trying process of bringing a rapist to justice.
  9. AlexandraAMorgan caught my eye recently with her post To All The Ladies, which is a wonderful call to the women who have endured abusive relationships and the torturous healing process.  Her post was too touching not to share, as I think we can each find a little bit of ourselves in it.  She is also a wonderful woman, and deeply encouraging.  I do hope you take a chance to connect with her!
  10. Forget Me Not Survivor Wall I already shared Forget Me Not above, but I wanted to also include her survivor wall.  She has compiled stories of other survivors, most of whom either have books or blogs about their own stories.  It’s a great place to connect with people, and I would highly encourage a visit!
  11. The Dark Fairy Journals This blog is a beautiful collection of poetry, photography, and art.  The author uses art as a healing outlet of emotion, and has created a breathtaking tangible artifact of the abstract nature of pain.  Please be warned of the possibility of triggers, especially for those healing from childhood abuse.
  12. HowToBeAFunctionalFamily This is a blog about spiritual healing.  Written by a leader in the church, this blog focuses on the reality of worldly pain, and the healing power found in God.  While most survivors of abuse recoil from the church, this man has confronted abuse head-on and denounces any justification of abuse through scripture.  His posts are full of healing truths, and highly encouraging.

I also encourage you to check out the following blogs, which are all stories of people healing from rape, abuse, and depression, but have not updated their blog in a while:


Healing My Wounds

I Miss Boredom


Secret JLG


Tomorrow, Definitely

This is just the beginning of our community list.  I wanted to get it published, but I intend to continue to update it.  If you would like your blog included, just comment below!  There is no qualifier.  Even if you are a survivor whose blog is dedicated to rainbow unicorns, the importance is that you are a survivor.  With a life, and a purpose, and a desire to connect.

Also, please recommend any blogs you have found that would be a good addition!  Thank you!


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  1. I am so honored and humbled to be included in this list! For any readers interested in checking out my blog, for a bit of background on me, you can read my post entitled “A Year in Songs: how songwriting got me through emotional abuse,” which was the first big leap I took in sharing my story! Much love to you all ❤

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    1. Oh my goodness, that comment tugged my heartstrings. My sister also found healing through writing songs. She wrote amazing, beautiful, deep lyrics. She passed away last month, and I miss her so much. I love to see others using the gift of songwriting to heal. I know how powerful that can be.

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      1. So sorry to hear about the recent loss of your sister! How beautiful that she too used songwriting to heal – I am so glad that you shared that with me! Sending you prayers.

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      2. Thank you! Yes, she loved writing music. And she was so talented. It’s a true gift and I love to see it in others. Thanks for the prayers, I do appreciate them!

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      3. You are most welcome! This is planting a bit of a seed in my head – I’ve thought for years about sharing some of these songs. I have videos of all of them. This could turn into some sort of a blog series.. sharing one or two songs at a time with some context. Do you think this would be something people would be interested in?

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      4. Absolutely. I had just been telling my sister about how important it was to share her music before she died. God created beauty. Music was the chief was of thanking and commemorating Him in the Old Testament. He even commanded it at times.

        If He gave you a gift, then it will bring glory to Him. If you share it with others, He will share it with the world. It’s important and can’t help but bring others to Christ.

        And the best part is that it’s not really up to you to get people interested. God wants people to listen to what you have to say. You do your part and He will do the rest. Him giving you this gift is the only validation you need that it’s a gift worth sharing. He wants it heard, and He already has people who will listen.

        Go for it and don’t look back.

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  2. Hi, I am quite new to blogging but would be honoured to have my blog included. I am using my blog to express emotions and memories in art, photography and poetry alongside my therapy for childhood abuse.
    (Please note that some content may be triggering)

    I love your idea to create a community here.

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    1. Thank you! Sorry, I have been moving over the past few days and haven’t had much blogging time. I would love to share some content and add you to our community! Thank you for contacting me.


      1. Thank you so much for including my blog and for the beautiful, validating description you have written. I hope that some of my posts can help other people in their healing.

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      2. They absolutely can! I will continue to check back, but if you ever write something you want shared just let me know. Sometimes I get busy and think I shared something when I didn’t 😦


  3. Please consider adding my blog ‘howtobeafunctionalfamily’ to your list of resources. Many of my posts are written with sexual abuse survivors in mind, including this weeks: “Quiet the Voices”. Thank you for your courage and honesty on this important and all too often hidden issue And I would consider it a priveledge to be a small voice in your recovery and subsequent mission.

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    1. Thank you! I am checking out your blog as we speak. Do you have any you would recommend that I share? Were you a sexual abuse survivor? I read Quiet The Voices- and I really liked it. It’s sad that most abuse survivors resent and leave the church, because so many people use the Bible to justify their abuse. Things such as, “You must respect me” or “You have to submit to me” are constantly used to make women feel like the only Christian response to abuse is to just deal with it. It’s so difficult to look to God when you feel like it’s His fault for giving men the power to treat you that way. Even though it’s a gross misrepresentation of what was intended.


  4. I have not been sexually abused personally but it has touched my immediate family both growing up and as an adult. I have several in my small church who are finding healing from abuse and we have made the commitment to tackle the issue head on. Sexual abuse is an evil that wounds the spirit and as a church we have a responsibility to minister to it. It breaks my heart and the Lord’s heart when his children are forced to suffer in silence, especially if the church is complicate in that. I would recommend my blogs: “worthless” from a few weeks ago and “Radically Change- Little Mattie” from April 2nd, to encourage you readers.
    Thank you.

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    1. Thank you! I will check both of them out. I’m sorry that it has hurt so many people close to you, but I am so glad to hear that you are facing and confronting it in your church. I’m not sure if anyone has told you, but to have a Christian man validate that it is both wrong and a misinterpretation of scripture to treat people like that can be life-changing for a victim. They may never say it, but it is a very big deal. The confusion of whether or not they were just a bad Christian, or didn’t submit, or “honor their parents” well enough can dissipate, and give them a chance to really start healing.

      So in case nobody has told you, thank you for taking it seriously, especially as a pastor and as a church.


  5. Thank you, I have been discovering that. Your words encourage me, this is a scary place to go but that is the problem, we can’t be scared to love. By the way, little Mattie’s foster mom was a victim of horrible abuse as well but she has found healing in love, and in reaching out in that love to help save others. I am sorry on behalf of the church for too much ignorance and apathy, that is not reflective of the Father’s heart.

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  6. Be sure and check out this weeks blog; “See Her” it deals specifically and honestly with sexual abuse. Your blog has encouraged me to keep addressing this issue with my church- it has been very powerful and a larger ministry is being birthed as a result. Thank you freelancer.

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