Forget Me Not- Book Release

Hey guys!
So, Amy has written quite a few posts that have been shared here, and has also started her own advocacy site for survivors.

She has now taken a step that I find inspiring and incredibly brave.  She has written a book!  It takes you through the journey of her abusive relationship, and the red flags along the way.

I encourage you to check out her book when it releases, and her blog while you wait 😉
Book Release – October 8th! –




Hi my friends.   I wanted to take a moment to announce the release of my new book, forget me not – learning to live with me and for me, on Saturday, October 8th.

We are having a Virtual Book Release Party from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm through Facebook.  I would love it you could join in.  🙂

About the Book:

“In her memoir of surviving domestic violence, author Amy Daumit takes you on a journey through her 16-year abusive relationship and marriage, reasons for staying, the difficult decision to leave, and the healing that followed.

It all began as a blissful, high-school romance. But, within months, there were signs she refused to see. It seemed that everything he did involved trying to control her. Soon, he blamed her for all that was not right in his life, and she paid dearly for her “wrongdoing” with emotional and physical attacks.

After contemplating suicide and nearly dropping out of law school, she found the strength to walk out the door. But leaving was only the beginning of a long journey of learning to live with, and for, herself.

She was left with only a shallow resemblance of her former self staring back at her in the mirror. Today Amy is sharing her story of survival and healing so that others can find hope. She believes life can be beautiful, if you only believe in yourself and find it.”

**A portion of all the proceeds go to supporting Forget Me Not Advocacy Group**




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    1. I’m scheduling your book release announcement for tomorrow!

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      1. Oh, thank you! Just in time! I should have the formatting done and have it uploaded to Smashwords by dinner time! 😊

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      2. Awesome! I’m so excited!

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