‘Listen’ Is Now Available

Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies has just released another book! Besides the fact that the book looks absolutely amazing (I’m downloading it right now), it is also inspiring as she is also an abuse survivor. At times, your life can feel purposeless.  Like maybe you missed your chance at being worth something to the world….

Feel Free

Feel free to choke on your own arrogance. © Sarah Doughty This isn’t directed at anyone in particular. But we’ve all come across people that think they are superior. Source: Feel Free

Everybody Hurts

You don’t have to share your story to share your healing.  One of our most inspiring featured bloggers is a published author, and her work is a beautiful example of not letting your past restrict your future.  If you want to share your poetry, please comment with a link, or email center_for_survivors@outlook.com There’s always someone…

Pouring Rain

The rain poured over me, and no one could see the tears that flowed with it. © Sarah Doughty Source: Pouring Rain

Killing Me Slowly

One of the things that’s been hammering at me recently is not so much my past — which is killing me slowly, but the knowledge that I’m not everything I can be. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. I’m living proof of that. The condition can come about at…

Under The Stars

Originally posted on Heartstring Eulogies:
When we shared our first kiss under the stars, I didn’t fall for you, I knew I loved you all along. © Sarah Doughty