Originally posted on The Dark Fairy Journals:
Finally, in you, I have found all of my anger from a lifetime of abuse and intimidation, you have given it a face and a name. I have nurtured the spark carefully and fanned the flame. I have protected it from the cold winds of my fear and the…

You’ve got a Message

Originally posted on The Grateful Dead:
With bated breath And a thudding heart I type till my fingers hurt And the words bleed out On the virgin white sheet. Proof of my innocence Displayed for the world to see. Then begins the endless waiting For a little orange dot On the top right corner. Love…


I feel trapped Bouncing between worlds Fake Hiding a part of me to exist in one world Acceptance Never, not either world Because I’m fake I don’t belong Just in between ~Hapless Confusion 2016 Source: Floating