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Heartstring Eulogies is a blog written by author Sarah Doughty:

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Hi, everyone, welcome to Heartstring Eulogies. I’m Sarah and I love to write.

It’s my therapy. It’s something that I need to do to help me cope, to help me through. It’s a hobby, but it’s more than that.

Writing to me is like breathing. It flows in my veins and gives me hope. Hope that one day I’ll come out on the other side of all this darkness and agony that surrounds me.

I suffer from extreme complex PTSD, and with that comes depression and debilitating anxiety. Commonly, if I don’t have a migraine, I have a headache. Every. Single. Day. Writing is one of the ways that I weed through all the pain, trying finding myself again.

I’ve written a few books that were a way for me to escape my mind and enter another, to experience something amazing and healing at the same time. I’ve shared them freely online for anyone who wants to read them, so that maybe they can give someone else hope, or the same, temporary escape as they did for me. Read a little more about them here.

But on this blog, I want to evoke feeling, share what I’m feeling, and show people suffering from their own haunted pasts that they aren’t alone. I invite you to experience that with me.