To All The Ladies

To all the ladies who still wonder if they’re the “crazy” one,

To the lady who almost deleted every word of this,

To you,

You’ve got a Message

Originally posted on The Grateful Dead:
With bated breath And a thudding heart I type till my fingers hurt And the words bleed out On the virgin white sheet. Proof of my innocence Displayed for the world to see. Then begins the endless waiting For a little orange dot On the top right corner. Love…

The Community- Support For Rape And Abuse Victims

I am listing below the blogs and websites of contributors, or people who just want to be part of the community at Center For Survivors.  If you want your site added to the list, please just comment, and I’ll get on it as soon as I can!   Heartstring Eulogies  I cannot say enough about…


I feel trapped Bouncing between worlds Fake Hiding a part of me to exist in one world Acceptance Never, not either world Because I’m fake I don’t belong Just in between ~Hapless Confusion 2016 Source: Floating

Our Reach- Yes, You Matter

I feel like it’s important to share the reach of this website.  Selfishly, I love to see how many people read, comment, like, and follow.  But I also want everyone who shares their stories and articles to know that their voice is heard.  By many. As of my last update, these were our stats: 20…

Five Myths That Destroy A Rape Victim

So many well-intentioned people offer support in the form of, “I’m here if you want to talk about it.” It? For a victim, every ounce of emotional energy will be spent figuring out what “it” is.

I Need Your Submissions

“God isn’t OK with you being this way. You need to snap out of it. And it’s not that hard. Come on and get normal already.”

Sorry For The Interruption

My younger sister was killed in a car crash.

I cannot explain what goes through your head when you lose someone you love. It has just felt like a permanent emotional brain fog.

A Living Suicide

First, I would like to apologize to the readers of this site.  While our traffic has continued to grow (over 3,500 visits!), my posting has dropped straight off a cliff. However, this is mostly due to my preparing for an 1,900 mile cross-country move! As I was packing for this overwhelming trek, I realized that…